Push The Button – Where do all these social buttons go?

By now, most brands should be aware that social media is big business. As social media services such as Facebook and Twitter become more ubiquitous in society, the incentive to have a large following will only increase.

In the battle to get as much social engagement as possible, we’re seeing sites collage themselves in social media buttons. In the pursuit of getting users to share their content via social, we’re finding that a lot of brands miss the point.
So what are social buttons?

We’ve all seen them; a little button that facilitates an interaction with a social media service. The problem now is that so many of these little buttons exist. Brands need to cater for at least the ‘big three’ (Facebook, Twitter and to some extent Google+), in addition to any other services that they may pursue.

Then there are also multiple button functions. Not all buttons are created equal, and in the case of Facebook alone different buttons exist for the following functions:

- Like (Post a piece of content on my wall)
- Send (Send this content to a specific person)
- Follow (Become a ‘fan’ of the brand’s Facebook page) Continue reading